Social Security Office Wichita Ks and Office Wichita Ks Phone Number *2021

Social Security Office Wichita Ks has many social security office offices. Before we list these offices for you one by one, let’s briefly touch on what social security offices are.

Social Security Office & Social Security Office Wichita Ks

Social Security Office Until the 19th century, protection against illness, accidents, and poverty in old age was only rudimentary. With increasing industrialization, the problems grew due to a growing industrial working class.

Social Security Branches

  • Health insurance: Statutory health insurance covers the risk of medical expenses.
  • Pension insurance: Their task is to provide the insured with financial security after they have left their working life.
  • Accident insurance: The accident insurance company covers the risk of work or commuting accidents and occupational diseases. The insurance not only takes over rehabilitation and reintegration measures.
  • Unemployment insurance: As part of social security, unemployment insurance is responsible for employment promotion.
  • Care insurance: For more and more citizens, illnesses, or mental illnesses require outside help for everyday life.

Social Security Office Wichita Ks

Social Security Office Wichita Ks only has 1 unit. The result is below with the phone number.

U.S. Social Security Administration, 3216 N Cypress Dr, Wichita, KS 67226  Phone: +18669319173

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