Security Mirrors Home Depot *2021 – Best Security Systems

Security Mirrors Home Depot, provides control and home security to drivers in parking lots, factory entrances and exits, forklift usage areas, blind spots where oncoming vehicles or pedestrians are not visible. With its robust structure, it is resistant to harsh climatic conditions.

Security Mirrors Home Depot Features

Security Mirrors Home Depot, general security mirrors are made of 2.00 mm impact-resistant acrylic material. Impact strength – Acrylic is at least 10 times more impact resistant than glass.
Lightweight – Acrylic is less than half the weight of glass and is easy to install.
Security – Entries that can occur if the glass is broken. Even if it is broken with heavy blows, the edges of the broken parts are not sharp and they hit slowly.

  • Acrylic mirrors are 50% stronger and more durable than glass mirrors.
  • Installation and transportation of acrylic mirrors is easier and more practical.
  • Acrylic mirrors are 2 mm thick and made of acrylic material.
  • The product is resistant to impacts. It has high suction power against breakage.
  • Impact imitation is very high to glass mirrors.
  • If acrylic mirrors break, glass particles do not occur and their fragility does not harm human health.
  • The mirror diameter is 60 cm and the product weight is 4 kilograms.
  • All apparatus for wall-mounted or direct connection is included in the product package.
  • Minimizing the risk of accident in production facilities, parking lots, factories, and all kinds of indoor and outdoor place


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