Security Guard Training & Conditions Sought *2021

Security guard training, nowadays, men and women alike complete training as security guards. Because muscle packages are not necessarily in demand here, but rather legally secure action. Better to convince with diplomacy and psychological skills.
The basic requirements for the vocational training are the completion of the 18th year of life as well as good knowledge of German, spoken and written. In most cases, the training lasts one year and comprises a total of 3120 hours. The number of hours is made up of 2160 theory and 960 practical hours.

Security Guard Training & Conditions Sought

Security guard training, to become a security guard, you will acquire extensive knowledge in the subject of law and social security affairs. In addition, you deal with psychology, especially in dealing with people. In the USA, the focus is on rhetoric, but English skills are also consolidated and expanded. You will learn the correct behavior in protective and security measures and take a weapons proficiency test. Further components of your training to become a security guard are the courses for company paramedics and fire protection assistants. You also deal with environmental protection, the preparation of company offers, and order processing.


Required Provision:

  • Commercial training or in the hotel industry
  • very good manners and well-groomed appearance, which includes an attentive and friendly demeanor
  • Reliability and punctuality
  • Strong understanding of discretion and security for dealing with sensitive customer data and requests
  • Independent work organization and a tidy workplace
  • First aid training
  • In-depth knowledge of MS Office and object-related IT after appropriate training
  • police clearance certificate without entry
  • Experience at reception

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