Security Envelopes & Security Tinted Envelopes *2021

Security Envelopes are used to deliver sensitive information to the recipient by mail. Businesses, organizations, and individuals who want the recipient to remain confidential would be better off using security envelopes instead of regular envelopes. Security envelopes can contain tapes of different security levels. In this way, the sent information is sent to the recipient with a high level of security, so you can mail it as soon as possible without having to worry.

Security Envelopes & Security Tinted Envelopes

Security envelopes are products with special security tapes on the closure parts that can be produced with serial number/barcode/data matrix, a company logo. As the special band on the closing part reveals attempts to open the envelope, the carrier is prevented from interfering with the envelope, thus preventing all problems encountered in embezzlement periods.

Security envelopes can be used with a void / opened messages coming out from under the tape when it is opened, and high-security tapes that show temperature changes and chemical intervention by changing color.

Different areas where security envelopes are mostly used;

  • Banks or tax declarations
  • Personal health certificates
  • Confidential personal correspondence
  • Personalized offers
  • Social security issues

Security Envelopes Features

Security Envelopes; the lock with strong adhesive and thermal-chemical sensor system Prevents the envelope from being opened unnoticed.

Serial number; each envelope has a unique serial number.

Resistant seams; secure seams with micro-print.

LDPE film; multi-layer LDPE film, white/black or transparent.

Security Envelopes Advantages:

  • Permanent lock to prevent non-destructive opening
  • Safe, durable welded seams
  • Each envelope is provided with an individual number
  • Security lock that leaves visible traces when the envelope is opened unintentionally if the envelope is mechanically or thermally damaged
  • Barcode with which you can easily identify the shipment
  • Delivery notes confirming receipt of the shipment

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