Security Door Home Depot Products and Features

Security Door Home Depot does not require paint, Resistant to damage of cleaning agents, high moisture resistance. Air and sound waffles with silicone contacts placed in the channel formed in the safe. The wing is manufactured as 42 mm and without a lamp. Melamine Coated Panel is explained on wooden construction. Kraft honeycomb is used as wing construction filling. The casing body is produced by pressing fir wood with pieces and Melamine on top.

Security Door Home Depot Features

Security Door Home Depot is easy to clean, does not contain bacteria and germs, and can be painted in the desired color. American panel doors are light and easy to install. American panel doors are very suitable for indoor use. Installation belongs to the customer.

Security Door Home Depot moldings must pass through the channel. It is made of wood patterned MDF material with a Melamine coating.

Accessory Set: Bravo Mirrored Door Handle, Daf Door Lock, 2 Non-directional Hinges, Silicone Wick.

Door leaf; The wooden carcass is made of artificially dried fir wood. Finger joint integration is made on wooden timber without paste knots. With this method, the risk of bending and turning the door is eliminated



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