Questions to Ask Before Buying Wireless Security Cameras

The Wireless Security Cameras, the advantage of such CCTV cameras is that they are wireless. And although it is better to entrust the design and installation of even a wireless CCTV system to a specialist. But such a camera can indeed be installed by anyone who knows how to use a drill and a ladder. Moreover, install it quickly and practically, anywhere. And that’s why wireless CCTV cameras are so popular nowadays among both private and business users.

Camera power system

With few exceptions, modern wireless CCTV cameras have built-in power supplies and are guaranteed to perform their functions even when the power supply is temporarily cut. But only if the power supply of each camera is in good technical condition and charged.

And that means, first of all, it’s better to buy models that are equipped with replaceable batteries. Secondly, you should pay attention to cameras with automatic switching on function (for example, on movement), they cost more, but they are able to work from several days to several months in autonomous mode. And thirdly, in any case, you will have to regularly check the condition of the camera batteries, especially when they are installed outdoors.

Video resolution

In fact, you should remember that video is exactly what you buy these cameras for. The higher the resolution of the camera, the higher the video quality and the more effective the surveillance. The reference point is 1080p HD resolution and higher.

Camera angle of view

It is not only one of the indicators of the quality of the camera lens, but also allows you to screen on the number of cameras. The wider (and better) a camera “sees”, the fewer cameras it will need to organize effective surveillance on a given area. Today cameras with 120-130 degrees viewing angle are already considered to be a standard. But the models with wider viewing angles are not a deficit either.

Useful functionality

Additional functions/options (except for shooting and transmitting high-quality video), both hardware and software are provided for each camera. They are different and, of course, not free. However, very often an inexperienced user, carried away by additional “features”, overpays for those that are unlikely to be needed.

Number of cameras

In fact, if you know exactly who/why, how and when the future CCTV system will be watching, it won’t be difficult to calculate how many cameras it will take. However, again, if you have never designed such a system before, it still does not hurt to ask a specialist for help. If you have a competent project in hand, with the number of cameras you will not guess for sure.

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