Police Security Flashlight & Police Security Brands Flashlight Prices *2021

Police Security Flashlight is the ideal flashlight for your car. When you push the lens in, you can easily switch from police security brands flashlight mode to lantern mode. Use this safety torch to give a signal or to illuminate your surroundings. Police Security Flashlight is a rechargeable LED flashlight and is ideal for everyday use. The lamp is the successor of the popular security flashlight. The supplied (USB) charging station is attached to the wall with 2 screws or in the car. So you always have the lamp with 1000 lumens at hand.

Police Security Flashlight Prices & Specs

Police Security Flashlight Prices range from $ 5 to $ 300. Those who are looking for Police Security Flashlight prices are mostly looking for the features of the flashlight, not the prices. He also wonders how long his flashlight has been working.

Thanks to the Back-up Battery Systems, the flashlight works reliably, even when the batteries are empty: Pull, turn, push and the replacement battery is ready for use. Thanks to the easy fix system and smart Suction Strap, the safety lamp is always within reach and exactly where you need it. The flashlight is CE marked according to the ATEX directive and IECEx.

Police Security Flashlight Specs

Police Security Flashlight Specs :

  • Telescopic reflector system – can be used as a flashlight and lantern
  • Low battery warning
  • Integrated battery backup system
  • 5 different light modes (soft white, boost white, blinking white, blink red, boost red)
  • Operation with 4x AAA batteries

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