How to Protect Home Wireless IP Cameras?

Home security systems with surveillance cameras; no one can be surprised by this today. Thanks to such technical solutions it is possible to monitor your home, room, pets and even your own children remotely and in real-time through, for example, a smartphone or tablet. It is convenient, efficient and relatively inexpensive.

Modern IP-cameras, including wireless ones, have long ago become quite accessible and therefore a popular element of home surveillance and security systems. Almost anyone with minimal knowledge of computer hardware and user-class electronics can buy, install and configure such a camera.

Before buying a camera, please read its specification carefully

At home (however, in any other place, too) you should use only IP-cameras with video data encryption function. If the video data broadcasted by the camera or cameras are not encrypted, it means that virtually anyone can view them. In addition, you will probably want to set up remote access to the cameras via the Internet after installing them.

Accordingly, you should make sure in advance that the model you choose supports WPA2; the current set of algorithms and protocols that provide data protection in wireless networks Wi-Fi. In addition, it will be useful to check the security level of the site (service), through which you plan to remotely use home surveillance cameras.

Create strong and unique passwords

Never turn off the password in the camera, even if the control system allows it. Disabling a password usually means live video broadcasting. In other words, you automatically become a hero in a reality show with a potentially unlimited audience. You also need to create a password wisely. No pet nicknames and no family dates.

Use alphanumeric passwords longer than 10 characters, including both uppercase and lowercase letters. It is also recommended to use different passwords for different websites and online services. Remember that video from a home surveillance system is in any case worth spending time on creating a good password.

Do not be frivolous about mobile apps

Almost all modern user-class surveillance systems allow you to view videos through your smartphone or tablet using the appropriate mobile applications. However, it should be kept in mind that such software products, as well as sites, must meet the requirements of the same security standards of transmitted data.

In addition, it should be understood that you can not use free WiFi-points at stations, cafes, libraries, and other public places for remote connection to a home video surveillance system.

Update the software at the right time

In fact, timely updates are an important element of any computer program security. Updates often contain new protocols to protect the system against recently discovered viruses and other threats. In this regard, it is necessary to regularly update the IP camera software as well as related mobile applications.

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