How to choose a home security system?

In an effort to protect the home from uninvited guests, modern people are increasingly choosing automated security and safety systems for their homes. What are these, why are they needed and why compact gadgets can be more reliable and efficient than a three-meter stone fence, read this material.

The security system and our expectations

As early as 20 years ago, a home security system could be called a high fence around the perimeter of your site and metal grilles on the windows, which, in fact, was a physical barrier for an intruder. Today, physical barriers have become synonymous with home security for us, and it is these perceptions that prevent us from choosing the right security system.

Most modern security systems are not so much confined to blocking access to the premises as to quickly notify the owner of a possible threat. And this is convenient! Once you receive a potential threat alert on your smartphone, you can take action quickly. For example, call relatives and ask them to check why the opening/closing sensor on your front door triggered. Or call the police immediately if the video camera will record the image of an unknown person on the territory of your dacha.

What does the modern security system provide?

The main value of any automated security system is the ability to keep in touch with your home no matter where on the planet you are. And thanks to modern gadgets you can not only monitor the opening/closing of doors and movements on your territory but also learn about the threat of fire and leaks.

Let’s say that you left home. Attackers and did not think to come to you, but in a hurry to the airport, you forgot to turn off the iron. In this case, the smoke sensor will respond to a sudden rise in temperature in the room, and information about this will come to your smartphone. After learning about the risk of fire, you can, for example, call your relatives and ask them to check if everything is okay with your accommodation.

In general, a modern security system for the home solves such problems:

  • Informing about the potential danger
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Deterrence of the abuser

Rapid notification of a possible threat is one of the main advantages of gadgets responsible for the security of your home. As a rule, the work of the sensors is controlled by you through a mobile application. Each time the sensors detect a threat, you get a warning on your smartphone. If someone opened the door, when you went shopping, you can immediately learn about it.

What do you need to know about security?

However, with the help of opening/closing sensors it is impossible to determine who exactly appeared at home; your child, who returned early from the theater studio, or really an intruder. In this situation, video cameras will help you to understand if it is worth worrying about. Most smart cameras allow you to watch in real-time what is happening in the control area through your smartphone. This is convenient: the opening sensor on the front door triggered, and in the hallway camera “recorded” the image of the entered and transmitted it to your smartphone. And now you are calm, this is not a cheater. It’s just that your son had half an hour early rehearsal.

In some cases, for smart gadgets, you can create scenarios of interaction with each other or other smart appliances at home. For example, to configure the devices so that when the motion sensor is triggered automatically turn on the TV and the smart ring. Sound and light from the TV program will create the effect of the presence of the owner in the house, and it will scare away the intruder.

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