GE Home Security Systems

GE home security systems produce equipment for access control systems and the most modern fire and security alarm systems focused on creating security systems for both small and large objects. General Electric brand belongs to UTC Fire & Security, whose main business area is related to the development and production of fire and security alarm systems, access control, and video surveillance equipment. Before signing the agreement with UTC Fire & Security.


Produced under the GE brand security and fire alarm system has proven itself in the market due to its high quality, reliability, and ease of installation. UTC Fire & Security is constantly expanding the range of fire and security alarm systems GE introducing new technologies and improving existing equipment. Today, GE fire and security alarm system is the most modern, high-tech equipment, which uses industrial data exchange protocols that ensure the reliability and error-free operation of fire and security alarm systems, guaranteeing high-speed data transmission.

Through the use of GE’s patented addressing system, fire and intrusion alarms can be detected with the accuracy of a single detector.

GE Leaves Home Security Business

GE Home Security Systems truly exist. A significant number of them were very well known and used right up ’til the present time in homes the nation over. Actually, it was once conceivable to discover them at some huge name retailers including places you definitely know and shop.

The proviso in this is GE once made and sold home security systems, however no more. You might have the option to discover them available today. In any case, as per GE Reports, the association sold its security business in 2010 and no longer fabricates or sells home security systems.

Options in contrast to GE Home Security Systems

As per GE, there are at present no approved vendors of GE marked home security gear or administrations in the U.S. This implies buying these items places you in danger of purchasing dishonestly marked items or items that have been utilized, returned, restored, and so forth.

Luckily, there are reasonable home security items available today that present alluring options in contrast to what GE had to bringing to the table; all the more critically, these items have the cutting edge fancy odds and ends you’re searching for that probably were not accessible in 2010.

Choices do exist and you’re probably going to find that they are unrivaled, in light of continually improving innovation, to the ones GE fabricated almost 10 years prior. Truth be told, the present home security systems offer unmistakably more highlights, more prominent adaptability, and boundlessly more open doors for customization, robotization, and coordination than those of 2010.

Looking permits you to investigate your alternatives with regards to home security gear and administrations. While we accept we offer prevalent quality in both, we encourage you to glance around and see with your own eyes why we remain behind our hardware, administration, and cost.

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