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Folding Security Gates Home Depot, produced from water and moisture resistant PVC material, provides great convenience, especially with a narrow spring. Since it has no connection with the floor in use, it does not create an obstacle and does not cause space loss. Accordion gates provide communication with other gates. These decorative and functional doors and the door, which eliminates the concept of behind the door, can be used either as partition, door or without glass.

Folding Security Gates Home Depot Features

Folding Security Gates Home Depot has no connection with the ground. It can be mounted on any type of construction such as concrete, wood, and iron.

  • The product is 0.6mm thick. So it’s pretty thin.
  • Installation materials are included, you can install by looking at the assembly instructions.
  • You can cut it to length and shorten it
  • Produced with human health and environment-friendly raw materials
  • Resistant to moisture and water, can be used in bathroom and WC
  • Easy to clean
  • Stylish decorative wood pattern as you see in the picture
  • Stylish D-shaped handle
  • Magnetic closure system

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