Fake Home Security Cameras *2021 –

Fake Home Security Cameras, are very difficult to maintain security in your home security, workplace, garden, or public business. Although security camera systems are very expensive, it is also necessary to set legal permissions to use security cameras outside. It is now possible to ensure security in your homes and workplaces without spending huge amounts of money or having to deal with legal procedures.

Fake Home Security Cameras & Home Depot Products

Fake Home Security Cameras, which is produced exactly the same as the reality by paying attention to all the details, cannot be distinguished from a real home security camera when viewed. The Deterrent Camera, which will work very well as a deterrent and you can use both indoors and outdoors, will keep away from everyone dangerous. It creates the impression of working and recording thanks to the flashing red Led Light on the fake Security Camera. You can easily mount it on the wall by turning it in the direction you want

Cameras General Features

Fake Home Security Cameras are made of durable plastic material.
It features a red LED light, video cable, and fully adjustable mounting bracket.
The LED light flashes every 5 seconds.
Easy mounting on ceiling or wall.
Powered by 2 x AA pen batteries (not included)
No cable installation required.
It can be used indoors and outdoors.
Color: It will be sent in the same colors mixed as Black or Gray.

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