Effective tips for home security

Despite the fact that smart criminals are involved in robbery films and even the most sophisticated security measures are defeated, few of us need systems strong enough to prevent the Ocean team. It doesn’t take much intelligence or know-how to become a robber: most of them enter by simply opening unlocked doors or windows or quickly breaking into poorly protected ones.

Start with simple but effective steps

Before paying a lot of money for gadgets and home security monitoring, take basic measures to improve the security of your home. A large number of the best home security techniques cost nothing or practically nothing.

Secure your border: Make your entryways and windows as hard as conceivable to enter. While interlopers lean toward opened entryways and windows, many can rapidly and quietly pull out open bolted entryways and windows. Some break glass to get inside and open a window or entryway. Just a couple of truly decided looters break enough glass to pass or slither, or hit an all around ensured entryway, and they seldom attempt to pick locks.

Embrace a security review: Most police offices give free exhortation and send somebody to survey your home for shortcomings.

Lose lousy locks: Locks with a key in the handle are not suitable. Install good bolts on all your exterior doors.

Reliable glass sliding doors: Locks on glass sliding doors are known to be fragile – many doors can be lifted directly from the rails. Numerous videos with instructions on the Internet can show you how to make your computer safer, or you can pay a locksmith to install the reinforcements.

Replace weak doors: Solid wood doors are much stronger than hollow wood doors. Many homeowners in high crime areas install metal grill doors.

Protect your windows: Depending on the type of window, you may take steps to make it more resistant to attack. For example, windows with double hangers can be secured by bolting two frames together. Most cybercriminals are not interested in breaking glass, but this still happens quite often enough to justify their worries. To ensure the highest level of protection, the window must have indestructible glass or steel bars.

Keep valuable things in sight: Place objects of value out of sight of everyone at the front door, or those who look into your front windows from the street. Keep cash and expensive jewelry in the most unexpected places – for example, in a large envelope or among many paper folders. Choose containers that no one throws away accidentally.

Safe deposit box rental: The box may be inconvenient, but it provides a level of protection against theft and fire, which can not be duplicated at home for less than a few thousand dollars.

Control your improvement: Doors and windows hidden by garages, bushes, fences and trees are attractive objects for intruders who prefer to invade invisibly.

Light it up: Many burglars will escape if they activate an outdoor light connected to a motion detector.

Keep an eye on your keys: If they fall into the wrong hands, this can cause a lot of trouble.

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