Collective Security & Collective Security Definition

Collective Security provides a specific answer to this task of global peacekeeping. It is about a security system of mutually guaranteed collective security definition contractually agreed between states. The security of each individual state should be linked to the security of all others. Collective security is built on a number of important principles such as a general ban on violence.

Collective security is a technical term from the field of international relations and refers here primarily to the external security of states. In an order of collective security definition, the security of each individual state is inextricably linked to the security of all other states and is a common one State organization to which as many states as possible belong worldwide. It is also assumed that the common interest in a stable international peace order, which is to be guaranteed by the overall system of collective security, is greater than the individual interests of states. They would therefore voluntarily submit to certain norms, rules, and duties that apply equally to everyone, regardless of whether they are powerful or smaller states.

Collective Security Principles

Collective security is therefore a multilateral order, in which no government unilaterally demands more rights and can enforce as all other also, and conflicts are resolved peacefully.

  • Mutual renunciation of force, i.e. renunciation of a military attack or its threat against other states  Since a violation of this principle is punished by the community of other states or a joint state organization (mutual assistance), it is, in fact, a ban on violence.
  • Mutual assistance against an aggressor. It does not matter whether he is a member or non-member of the joint state organization.
  • Peaceful dispute resolution in the run-up to open conflicts as well as after the end of conflicts, e.g. through mutual consultations or recognition of supranational arbitration. The principle also implies the willingness to remove the causes of conflict.

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